Monday, February 22, 2010

Last of the Polar Bears - Unveiling the Characters

During the last 6 months of development on Last of the Polar Bears, Jared and I have worked hard to dig deep and really get to know the characters. Now, as the story moves towards production, we're ready to share these characters and a glimpse of their story. I hope that you find the cast as interesting and lively as we do, and look forward to leaning more about them. :)


The stronger of Ursula’s twin polar bear cubs, Stella is energetic and brash. She uncritically adopts her mother’s philosophy that strength and determination can overcome any obstacle. Though she loves her smaller sibling, Nanook, her teasing and rough competitive play drive a wedge between them. When he finds another friend, Stella is left to struggle alone with her growing concerns over survival.


The smaller and weaker of Ursula’s twin polar bear cubs. Nanook is an exceptionally curious and contemplative cub, eager to explore and learn about the world. However, Nanook tires quickly during play and is unusually susceptible to the cold, requiring special attention from his mom. Along their journey, Nanook befriends Frostbite, an arctic fox, much to his family's disapproval.


Ursula is a firm, but loving mother polar bear. Protecting Stella and Nanook, her first litter of cubs, is her top priority. Following in the paw prints of her mother, she takes great pride in preparing her cubs for adulthood. However, she's finding that strength, the core value of her teachings, is no longer enough to survive the changing Arctic landscape.

A rebellious young arctic fox that craves adventure and independence, but is ill-prepared for life away from home. Once carefree, Frostbite is learning that the Arctic is a lonely place filled with hardship, and scarce on food. When a hunt-gone-awry brings her face-to-face with Nanook, Frostbite quickly forms a bond with the cub. Chatty and sociable, she takes solace in their budding friendship...but also has other reasons for tagging along with the polar bear family.

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