Monday, July 6, 2009

Boy and His Gator 3 - Complete

It's done! Here is the final Boy And His Gator picture for my portfolio. It's a sad parting, but a bathtub (even a clawfoot bathtub) is just not a proper place for a growing alligator. However, as you may recall in the bonus image, the boy can still always visit his little friend. :)

This picture took me forever to do. Many, many little details in the trees and undergrowth. I've been working on the coloring portion of it since the 29th of June. (The drawing part of it was about a half day on top of that.)

Incidentally, I've been playing around with Livestream, and recorded some of the coloring process for this picture with it. You can check out those videos here. (click the on-demand tab to access them).

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