Friday, May 1, 2009

Polar Pal WIP 1

While I'm waiting for the go-ahead to begin pencils for the next chapter of secret-comic-project, I thought I'd work on another piece for my children's illustration portfolio.

The original idea for this one was to have an Eskimo boy encountering a miniature polar bear in the snow. I liked the concept of having a small boy tower over what would normally be a very large animal. The miniature bear came across as confusing though, so in this revised version, the polar bear has been enlarged to make it polar cub size instead.Jared suggested I work a fish into the composition to add further depth to the scene and give the polar bear cub a reason to approach the boy. So here's where the idea currently is with these three compositions:
Each has a slightly different feel. I'm currently leaning towards the middle one since you get to see both character's faces. But I'm curious to hear other opinions. Does anyone have a favorite?