Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Mother's Day WIP 2

Here's the rough draft for the Mother's Day piece:

Mmm, cookies!

There's still a lot to do. Need to put some more stuff in the corner of the countertop--maybe a mixer or some other appliance. I also need to add the tile floor, and of course sharpen and refine the lines on the characters. I'm currently working at 8.5x11, but I'll probably do a final pencil pass at a larger size.

For now though, it's back to work on the comic assignment. I spent today getting all the thumbnails together and fixed up. Tomorrow, I start penciling the first page of the new chapter.


  1. Aaaaah~ That is adorable. D:

  2. heh, Hi there.
    I found your blog trough the square-enix Forum.
    You have cool artworks, nice job.
    Keep it up!